Snapshotaustralia: Blog en-us (C) Snapshotaustralia (Snapshotaustralia) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:17:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:17:00 GMT Snapshotaustralia: Blog 86 120 Sydney Coastrek Going to have to go out and hunt up more events to cover, I've been terribly slack lately. 

Was one of the photographers who covered the Fred Hollows Foundation fundraising Coastrek for Geosnapshot so the images aren't on my site. It was a busy day there was a 60 km and a 30 km starting from Manly at daybreak and finishing at Bondi late afternoon /early evening. The 30 km ones started at the more respectable time of 9am from Kiribilli, all up 3000 woman and a handful of men made the trek. I was covering a spot at the Opera House, at one stage my fingers where going numb from having pressed that shutter button so many times, when they got to me there was just wave after wave of walkers I was begining to think they would never stop coming. My new Tamron 24-70mm performed flawlessly, a few out of focus shots that where my fault otherwise a fantastic 'keeper' rate only 58 rejects out of nearly 2000 images.


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Chinese New Year 2018 On Friday night I had the privilege of covering the Chinese New Year Celebrations at Dooley’s Catholic Club in Auburn. Wow! What a fun night with fantastic displays of Tai Chai dances including a fan and a sword dances then of course the Dragon dances who paraded right through the entire club. There was also a male and female singer. I’ve never associated Chinese with western or opera styled singing but wow, this couple were up there with the best of them what fantastic voices. It really was a great nights entertainment. For me I’ve got to admit I think this was my hardest assignment ever, everything was stacked against a photographer, just about everything was working against me. The Tai Chai team wore these beautiful bright yellow/gold shiny satin  head to toe outfits. Looked fabulous but an absolute nightmare to photograph, the stage lighting wasn’t quite bright enough not to use a low powered flash which of course just reflected off the satin fabric. It also reflected back onto their faces giving them a golden glow. And just when you thought it couldn’t get much more difficult they turned on the stage spotlights which was cycling through a range of colours, red, blue, green . The rich red backdrop did at least help provide some contrast as did the wooden floors. There was a really good crowd watching so you can imagine how well the air conditioning managed, at one stage a lovely lady passed me a handful of paper napkins because I was drenched in perspiration. It was certainly a challenging night but at the end of the day I was pretty happy with  the results.

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Tried Something New We yesterday was a first for me and a bit of a surprise as well. I got too photograph a funeral for a friend who's husband died very unexpectedly. Wasn't too sure how I was going to handle it. Taking the photo's I knew wouldn't be a problem but I wasn't sure how I'd handle it on the emotional side of things, I tend to get upset seeing other people upset (guess I'm a bit of a softie) All went well, I was able to stay detached and take some really great images..... no red eyed crying mourners, just dignified, discreet shots of the mourners at the service and the wake, should have enough material to make a really great Memory Book. In the past I've turned down funerals but now I'll definitely respond more positively.


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Expanding To New Fields After many months of being unable to decide which path to take to expand my photography business I decide the best thing to do was toss a coin. Well I lost so now Snapshotaustralia is looking for your help to succeed we are seeking to expand into the commercial world of Corporate photography. So if you know anyone who is looking for a photographer for, Birthday Parties (all Ages), Celebrations, engagements, headshots,  corporate events, conferences, awards, team building, product launches or any other notable occasion that requires a photographer please feel free to recommend us. Thank you for your continuing support


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NSW Corporate Games Today was sort of a bitter sweet day. We had the honour of being the official photographers for the NSW Corporate Games which was run over Friday, Saturday, Sunday with a presentation evening on Monday with events ranging from Golf at Riverside Oaks to Volleyball at Olympic Park and everything inbetween. I was assisted by the ever popular Ali Mclean and between us we took way to many photo's.  Spent the next two and half days, sorting, adjusting and uploading nearly 3000 photo's to the website. Was a real pleasure and delight to work with Mildren Events everything just ran so smoothly and more importantly for us, on time. The down side to all of this I just didn't have the time to go and photograph the runners of the Sydney Corporate Cup, something I really enjoy because every fortnight brings a different challenge for me as a photographer and also they are such a wonderful bunch of super nice people, sorry I didn't make it guys.

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Slideshow update With the past week of unbearably hot weather I decided to make the most of it and do the long overdue upgrade of the slideshow. Retained some of my favorite images and added some new ones, still have a few more to add. These are images from events we have covered recently, everything from Biathalons, equestrian, top fuel dragsters to a model shoot. Don't forget if you need a photographer at your next event drop us an email and we discuss your needs.

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How To Video's It was brought to my attention that a number of visitors to the site where experiencing varying degrees of difficulty in finding and previewing the photos of their event, and also purchasing the discount 3 pack of digital downloads  also was confusing when attempting to select images from more than one gallary, In response to this I have made my first attempt at making instructional videos to help clarify the task or in the worse case scenario confuse you even more..  Please let me know if you found these videos useful.

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Half a Years Gone By already Hard to believe it's July already, where has the year gone. A few things have happened but it seems like it was yesterday. I've upgraded my trusty Nikon D7000 to the latest model Nikon D7200. Can't believe how sharp the 24mp sensor is, and the detail that it captures, just amazing. A new addition to the lens lineup is a Tamron 70 - 200mm f2.8 amazing lens, the auto focus is so quick and so accurate it is fantastic. Taking photo's of the Corporate Challenge Cup guys and gals is a real test for any lens, Taking over a 1000 images an hour is not uncommon but to only lose 3-4 shots because of poor focus is very unusual. Even those shots it was normally my fault, focusing on the wrong spot with fast moving runners is real easy :-)  Found I had to turn the auto stablising system off because it couldn't keep up with all the moving around, but with a shutter speed normally set at 1:1250 sec you don't normally get blurry photo's anyway more for slow shutter speed shots.

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Pricing For Prints & Digital Downloads Added Well January is drawing to a close and I have spent the last few days sorting out and applying a price list for downloads and prints. Its almost time to go live and start posting my own events.

I believe you now have the widest possible choices now in a range of finishes that includes Prints, Canvases, Acrylics, fine art prints and re-stickable vinyl posters. Because not every images is best displayed in the usual standard sizes a number of alternate sizes have been included as well as a new feature that allows you to crop and size your own image for that perfect print. I'd love to receive some feed back on these new features.

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A New Year beings 2016 Well It's the start of a new year and 2016 is going to be a fantastic year. The hosts for this site have just about finished doing a massive upgrade to improve speeds etc. They are currently working on a new slideshow platform which when finished will perform much better than the current one being used. Hopefully very soon you will be able to just sit back with a coffee/wine and effortlessly enjoy previewing all the photo's taken at your event.

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