Ordering Information:

Digital Downloads are available for downloading as soon as the payment process is complete, you will receive an email with your download link. within minutes. These are small files typically 2 - 5mb in size and are good for posting on social media and smaller advertisements in magazines and local newspapers. The digital downloads are strictly what you see is what you get. There may have been some minor correction work done ie cropping, straightening.

Prints and Canvases are processed by a professional laboratory to ensure you receive the highest quality prints possible. With prints there is a choice of papers the standard Lustre paper is neither matt nor gloss but in between with a slight texture to resist fingerprint marks. The new metallic papers really make the colours come alive and appear more vivid. All images are colour corrected, straightened and small imperfections removed (like flies and other unwanted distractions) If there is a person featuring prominently in the image any temporary skin imperfection such as dirt, spots or zitts will be removed whenever possible. Permanent skin imperfections such as beauty spots, birth marks etc are not removed unless requested. 

What Sized Print .... Not every size suits every image, try a selection of sizes to see which one suits requirements best. Please remember not every image is suitable for the largest sized prints. If  you require a print size larger than auto processing system will allow please contact me so a larger sized image can be made available.

In cases where extensive editing is required to make the image acceptable for printing or for any other reason that might be significantly changing the images appearance a proof will be emailed to you for you approval before final processing.

Text: Text can be added to any printed product free of charge subject to our "Fair Go" policy. Names, places, dates are okay but life history or poems will attract an additional charge. If you require text on your image please email me the details including the image name and the text you require at the time of purchase.

Montages: We are currently working on having this feature available later in the year. To bring you the very best we want you to be able to select images taken either from one event or multiple events from throughout the year(s) and combine them into one stunning image. The only restriction will be that the images used must be on our own database. In other words we can't use images taken by somebody else for both technical and copyright issues.